Coming Early Spring, 2019 —

She thinks he’s heartless. He thinks shes a hellion. They didnt plan on falling in love.

Charlie Camville is the duke of Lindsey and a billionaire. Hes laser-focused on restoring the family fortune and reputation after his father destroyed both. Annie Lukin is chef-owner of a Best of Britain award-winning restaurant and the champion of a community garden for the children of the impoverished English village where she lives. When the garden is destroyed, she confronts the heartless aristocrat she believes is responsible.

But Charlie isn’t responsible for the gardens destruction. Nor is he heartless. As they work together to fix the problem, Annie finds herself increasingly unable to resist the hot, funny, big-hearted man she never thought she could like. And Charlie finds himself falling for the smart-mouthed, generous American woman who was so not on his radar. When Annies enemies uncover a shameful secret from her American past, Annie has to make a choice. Does she want to prove shes worthy of Charlies love? Or must she sacrifice that love and give him up forever?