Miriam Allenson, author

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. It’s an obsession, kind of like making sure the canned tomatoes in my pantry are lined up in perfect order. I write all the time. For me, there is no such thing as downtime. I write everywhere. I’ve been known to write while waiting at a red light.

I was a reader before I was a writer. I always wanted to write what I read. That means romance. These days, I read to escape the crazy world I live in for another one less confusing, at least for a short time. I write for escape too. I hope what I write helps you put aside what stresses you’re coping with, at least for a time.

Laptop Computer I believe in the redeeming qualities of love, and a happily ever after, which is why all my books have a happily ever after.

I like anything English. For starters, I can recite the names of all the reigning kings and queens of England from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II. In order.

I love anything Italian. Food, architecture, history, language, and most of all, the people.

I love baseball. My dad taught me how to keep box score when I was six. And no, I don’t think baseball is too slow!

I love opera. My favorites are Fidelio, Don Giovanni, and Carmen. I can assure you it’s way more than large, bellowing ladies with chest plates and tin cans on their heads. Try it some time.

​I have a paperweight collection. One time, in a museum in Chicago where they have an amazing collection of paperweights, I had to restrain myself from touching. And stealing!

I collect Pez containers, too. Did you know there’s a Pez museum in Connecticut? Been there, bought there. (Want to know how many Pez I have? Just ask!)

No screaming now. I don’t like chocolate. (Well, brownies but they have to have lots of nuts in them to cut the cloying sweetness of the chocolate). But I absolutely love black licorice. Finnish licorice is the best!

My award-winning first book, FOR THE LOVE OF THE DAME tells the story of Car Bradford, a major league baseball star facing the end of his career who is blackmailed into helping adorable, passionate Sofia de’ Medici, an Italian opera singer, realize her dream: to sing Carmen at a first-rate New York opera house. To find out how they get from blackmail to bliss, you can purchase FOR THE LOVE OF THE DAME, here.


Look for my next book, A DUKE FOR DESSERT, coming Valentine’s Day. It’s the first in a series of stories about Modern Day Dukes and the American women they fall in love with.

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