When She Gets Busy

When She Gets Busy

For Tootsie Goldberg, putting herself in harm’s way for the right reasons is doing the right thing. But does everyone seriously deserve it?

Tootsie is used to being on the receiving end of threats to her bodily safety. After all she's made it her business to hell-raise for people who don't know how to get out of jams they've gotten into through no fault of their own.

So when her grumpy next door neighbor asks for help getting his vandal grandson out of a jail cell, Tootsie can’t think of any reason to say yes. Until she sees the kid’s dad belting the living daylights out of the teen on her neighbor's front lawn and she decides it’s high time to raise some hell for her grumpy neighbor and his grandson.

Tootsie’s empathy for the boy rises when she realizes he’s trying to protect seabird nesting grounds at the Jersey Shore. And then when Tootsie digs up dirty behind-the-scene dealings courtesy of an arrogant tech billionaire, she vows to double down on delivering justice, and blow the beachfront scandal wide open.

WHEN SHE GETS BUSY is the third book in the Tootsie Goldberg Mystery Novels. It's filled with a wide-ranging supporting cast of odd characters, Tootsie and all her madcap ways, and her stoic ex-cop lover, who she calls Black Windbreaker (it's what he wears) who does his level best to keep her on the straight and narrow and doesn't always succeed.

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