When She Gets Smart

When She Gets Smart

Meddling in bad guy business could put this sassy female sleuth on a hit list. Will her gritty persistence land her in a pair of cement overshoes?

Tootsie Goldberg will happily raise hell for a good cause. So when the over fifty firecracker smells something shady shaping up at town hall, she sticks her canny nose into some decidedly fishy bid-rigging. And after her close friend gets fingered as the fall guy, the cheeky woman keeps digging until she stumbles onto a mob connection.

Facing antisemitic antagonists, money-hungry mayors, and her hot cop significant other who’s worried she’s walking into danger, Tootsie resolves to root out the small-scale scandal before it spreads. But as she doggedly chases clues, a shocking warning shows up on her very own doorstep.

Has she got the chutzpah to clean up the mess before she’s forced to swim with the fishes?

When She Gets Smart is the laugh-out-loud second book in the Tootsie Goldberg amateur sleuth series. If you like strong-willed heroines, relatable characters and sharp-as-a-tack banter, then you’ll love Miriam Allenson’s warm-hearted mystery.

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