Writing about hunky heroes
and the women who drive them crazy


When the Duke Finds His Heart

When the Duke Finds His Heart is the second book in the contemporary romance Billionaire Dukes Series. If you like sizzling hot sex scenes, laugh-out-loud humor, and tender reconciliations, you’ll love Miriam Allenson’s brand new romance.

A Duke for Dessert

She thinks he’s heartless. He thinks she’s a hellion. They didn’t plan on falling in love.Charlie Camville, Duke of Lindsey, is laser-focused on rebuilding the family fortune and reputation all but wiped out by his father. Annie Lukin is chef-owner of a Best of Britain award-winning restaurant and spirited champion of a community garden for the children of the impoverished Lincolnshire village where she lives.

For the Love of the Dame

Italian opera singer Sofia de’ Medici wants one thing: to sing Carmen in a first-rate New York opera house. She has escaped the clutches of her domineering father to achieve her dream, but can she overcome her own sweet nature and voluptuous beauty to take on the role of opera’s greatest femme fatale?

Introducing My Brand New Book

If there’s one thing you’ve figured out from reading my books—see all three of them just above—you know I like to write about strong women who don’t need to be saved by a man. Yes, these strong women fall in love…with equally strong men…but they are in charge of their own lives, even though it takes them the whole book to figure out how to do that best.

I’m writing a brand new book now with another strong woman. My new heroine is very different than Sofia, Annie, and Livvy (heroines in my three published stories). She’s older. She’s divorced. The day we meet her is the day she loses her identity. And that’s okay because that’s when her journey begins… .

Stay tuned.

About Miriam Allenson

Award-winning author Miriam Allenson writes about smart-mouthed women and the men who love them. (She’s been told she’s a little smart-mouthed herself.)

Miriam took a dog’s age and then some to publish her first book, FOR THE LOVE OF THE DAME. She cut the time it took her to write her next book, A DUKE FOR DESSERT, in half and she reduced it by half again writing WHEN THE DUKE FINDS HIS HEART. She apologizes for being so slow.