The Fourth Tootsie Goldberg Mystery

When She Gets Riled

A book banning hypocrite. A secretive cyberbully. What will it take for feisty hellraiser Tootsie Goldberg to dish out the justice they deserve?  

 Tootsie Goldberg is ready to go to war. Thrilled that her ninety-year-old aunt has moved in next door, she’s tickled to find out the retired teacher writes both serious educational volumes and more-than-spicy romances. But when a new library board member demands that all her relative’s steamy works be stashed in the basement, the impulsive hellraiser takes matters into her own hands. 

 Frustrated when her well-intentioned meddling attracts the attention of a nasty online troll, Tootsie doubles down on her efforts to preserve free speech. But as emotions run high, poking around in long-held secrets might cause an honest-to-goodness explosion. 

 Will Tootsie’s feisty mitzvah turn the affair into a full-blown scandal? 

 When She Gets Riled is the laugh-out-loud fourth book in the Tootsie Goldberg Mysteries. If you like rule-breaking women, tongue-in-cheek wit, and touches of romance, then you’ll love Miriam Allenson’s hilarious romp. 

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When She Gets Hot

When she gets pushed too far, even her hot flashes won’t hold her back.

Tootsie Goldberg was never one to rock the boat. Witnessing tragedy after a seemingly harmless protest taught the Jersey native to keep her mouth shut, even when she’s fuming.

When She Gets Smart

Meddling in bad guy business could put this sassy female sleuth on a hit list. Will her gritty persistence land her in a pair of cement overshoes?

Tootsie Goldberg will happily raise hell for a good cause. So when the over fifty firecracker smells something shady shaping up at town hall, she sticks her canny nose into some decidedly fishy bid-rigging. 

When She Gets Busy

For Tootsie Goldberg, putting herself in harm’s way for the right reasons is doing the right thing. But does everyone seriously deserve it?

Tootsie is used to being on the receiving end of threats to her bodily safety. After all she’s made it her business to hell-raise for people who don’t know how to get out of jams they’ve gotten into through no fault of their own.

About Miriam Allenson

?Hi there, I’m Miriam and I write about women who are the heroes of their own stories. Whether in her romances or her mysteries, her women stand up to challenge and win. Her TOOTSIE GOLDBERG MYSTERIES are about a later-in-life feisty Jewish female sleuth who pursues justice for those who don’t know how to get it for themselves. Nothing holds Tootsie back when she’s on the case…except her hot, stoic cop whom she calls Black Windbreaker…because he dresses all in black.