When She Gets Riled

When She Gets Riled

A book banning hypocrite. A secretive cyberbully. What will it take for feisty hellraiser Tootsie Goldberg to dish out the justice they deserve?  

 Tootsie Goldberg is ready to go to war. Thrilled that her ninety-year-old aunt has moved in next door, she’s tickled to find out the retired teacher writes both serious educational volumes and more-than-spicy romances. But when a new library board member demands that all her relative’s steamy works be stashed in the basement, the impulsive hellraiser takes matters into her own hands. 

 Frustrated when her well-intentioned meddling attracts the attention of a nasty online troll, Tootsie doubles down on her efforts to preserve free speech. But as emotions run high, poking around in long-held secrets might cause an honest-to-goodness explosion. 

 Will Tootsie’s feisty mitzvah turn the affair into a full-blown scandal? 

 When She Gets Riled is the laugh-out-loud fourth book in the Tootsie Goldberg Mysteries. If you like rule-breaking women, tongue-in-cheek wit, and touches of romance, then you’ll love Miriam Allenson’s hilarious romp. 

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Series: The Tootsie Goldberg Mysteries, Book 4
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