Chapter Two – Scene Two – When She Gets Hot

“That was longer than a minute,” Fern patted the seat of the chair she’d saved for Tootsie.  The conference room was filling up. Tootsie looked around as most of WCLS’s employees filed in. “I stopped by my office to drop off some papers.” The ones she didn’t need, and the ones she didn’t want toContinue reading “Chapter Two – Scene Two – When She Gets Hot”

Chapter Two – Scene One – When She Gets Hot

Tootsie had met Jim Petrocelli when she first began working at WCLS. Stan had sent her, his brand new marketing director as his representative, to the annual Tri-State Media Award Dinner. She’d been seated at Petrocelli’s table. To make conversation, she’d introduced herself. He’d looked her up and down and said, “You work for StanContinue reading “Chapter Two – Scene One – When She Gets Hot”

Scene Three – When She Gets Hot

Tootsie power-walked past the program department, so distracted thinking about what could be up with Robert, she didn’t respond to the hellos from two just-out-of-college girls who were interning at the station.  Right now, they were of no concern to her. Right now she was only thinking of Robert. The first time he’d gone intoContinue reading “Scene Three – When She Gets Hot”

Scene Two – When She Gets Hot

By the time Tootsie arrived at the radio station and had pulled into her assigned space in the parking lot, she was no longer thinking about her latest parking ticket. She was thinking about what mess she’d be dealing with. Since Robert took over WCLS, mess was on her plate every Monday morning. Juggling herContinue reading “Scene Two – When She Gets Hot”

Scene One: Tootsie’s Story

WHEN SHE GETS HOT Scene One                  Her phone rang before the sun came up and startled Tootsie Goldberg into dropping her tights on the floor.             “Happy half century, Toots,” Arlo said in a voice that was too bright for the dawn’s early light. “Oh, and Raquel sends her best wishes too.”            Continue reading “Scene One: Tootsie’s Story”